Foraging: A poor (Wo)man’s path to riches!

14 lbs of Chanterelles !
Market Value today, at a local Restaurant: $20-$30 per lb.

I have only been mushroom hunting for a few years, but I’ve found some places near me where you can pick pounds and pounds of them.

I have been selling some to supplement my income and at $12.00- $20 a pound I have never had a problem.

I only harvest the freshest and cleanest, about 1/3 of what I find. Yet I wonder if I could over-pick and spoil their growth.

Also, last year local restaurants have had trouble with the Health Department. They’re saying it is unsafe and can no longer purchase from me without problems. This needs to change. Local gourmet chefs love them. You should see their eyes when I show them a box full of fresh, beautiful Chanterelle mushrooms. (Note: this is from Craig in Ohio. NY is still good with wild foods as far as I know, and, they can be dried and sold for soups and such on a Classified ads board, like ours at

My experience is that the flavor of chanterelles is best when well cooked. I cut them in pieces and cook with olive oil until the juice they release is evaporated and re-absorbed, allowing them to brown slightly. At that point I often add some sherry, and cook that away. Onions add sweetness when cooked with chanterelles. 
When I have a lot I cook them, and freeze in portions. High-butterfat cheese is a natural partner for chanterelles; great over steamed potatoes. (The same for morels.) 
I once contributed chanterelles to friends on their tamale-making day, with amazing results. I’m convinced that chanterelle flavor is magnified with masa, possibly because of the calcium and alkalinity.

I have Golden Chanterelle Mushrooms. They are fresh and not been harvested yet. If you would like to negotiate a price pls contact me at Thank You

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