5 great tips for self care in Fall

1. Go To Bed Early: Go to bed early and get usp with the chickens (at dawn). This will allow all mental faculties to become calm and peaceful, and moderate the descending Qi of autumn.

2. Increase Sour Foods: One should decrease the intake of pungent flavors in the fall while increasing sour ones, since this will nourish and protect Liver Qi. Sour foods such as sour and pungent leek are most appropriate for autumn. Other examples include sourdough bread, sauerkraut, olives, pickles, adzuki beans, rose hip tea, vinegar, yogurt, lemons, limes, grapefruit, and sour plums and apples.

3. A Classic Longevity Exercise For Fall: Both spring and autumn are seasons of change, and it is a common time for imbalance to arise. It is particularly important to take good care of yourself at this time! Right after waking up in the morning: close your eyes, click your teeth twenty-one times, swallow your saliva, rub your hands together and let the heat from your palms penetrate into your eyeballs. Rub your hands and cup your eyeballs repeatedly. It is said if one practices this exercise regularly during the three months of autumn, the eyes will become bright and illuminated.

4. Fewer Salads & More Soups: Gastro-intestinal conditions are common at this time of year. The function of the digestive system often becomes deficient in autumn, and we need to take extra care and eat well to prevent diarrhea. After summer, autumn is time to clear excess heat from the body (try pears, apples & persimmons), and then as temperatures drop, it is time to start warming the body, against extremes. While this may seem contradictory, summer heat saps strength, while internal warmth supports strength. Far fewer salads and more soups!

5. Learn to Love Cabbage: Late in autumn, cabbage supports the Liver Qi and relaxes the intestines helping to support regularity.

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