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A Healthy Living Journal Serving Utica-Rome, the Mohawk Valley and  the Great State of New York

Welcome to the Apple Butter New Online

As a Whole Life Publication ....

Our focus is on the total inner health and strength of the individual; kind of a you are what you eat approach to food, spirituality, social interactions with those around us and our society as a whole.

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Articles on local & national politics, religion, social justice issues of the day

Whole Life Recipes

Healthy foods, herbs, organic gardening (indoor and  outdoor), medicinal alternatives, healthy recipes. News and information of interest to residents of the Central New York and content specific to the Mohawk Valley

Articles, letters, comments welcome...  

Please join us on on this journey. The site is being born out of our own desire and need to live a more substantial life. To eat healthier, exercise more consistently and be of better service to ourselves and others. Writer’s Guidelines

I hope is that this site will serve as a catalyst for just that purpose, not only for myself but also for a community of others who will join me via posted comments, questions, recipes, and articles of interest, and encouragement to all who would peruse of these pages.